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We are so thrilled to be opening the doors of the KidZone & GBBY again! July 5th at 11 AM only, Champions and GBBY (3+) are welcome to return to their home turf! It will be quite a bit different than it used to be, but I assure you every decision was made with wisdom, faith, and fun in mind.

Our hope and prayer is your child will hardly notice the differences because they will be having so much fun! Our goal is to gather safely and to remain within the guidelines of the CDC. Please review and familiarize yourself with our Reopening Protocols that are attached!



For those that do attend, we are requiring a waiver form be completed by parents/guardians. 



Thank you for your grace as we do Children’s Ministry 2020 style! Any questions or concerns, please call the church main office, Lori, our Student Ministries Admin will be able to help you. 724-846-8820